About Pixel Photo of Banbury

I've been a keen photographer since studying it at school a few decades ago. As a fifteen-year-old I would take photographs with my trusted Olympus OM1 camera, process them myself and make prints with good old negatives in a darkroom.

Things have changed a lot in photographic technology over the years, but the same essential skills in taking great photographs remain the same. Composition, lighting and technical ability are all paramount and I've moved wit hthe times with all of these aspects of photography.

I've always lived in the Banbury area so know it very well, and have taken photographs for various local businesses including Cherwell Electrical Supplies, W.I.G. Engineering, Kel-Berg, Jamie Briggs Removals & Storage and Britmet.

Nowadays Nikon pro DSLR equipment is my choice of photographic gear, and Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom is used for processing the digital images to ensure the highest quality standard is reached.

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